Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pepitas Paprikash

You know that early-Internet-days game where you had to type two random words into a search engine and see if you had the most random search terms ever? Well, nowadays it's damn near impossible to do that, even if you limit it with quotes.


I just pan-roasted myself some pepitas (I use them in place of nuts in a lot of recipes, because my headache-prone head doesn't do well with nuts). I tossed about a 1/2 cup of them with *maybe* a teaspoon of [regular] olive oil (they release some of their own oil when cooked, so you don't need much), sprinkled them with a tiny bit of sea salt and a good dose of hot smoked paprika, and tossed them in a nonstick pan over high heat for about 3 minutes, until they started to pop.

I shall call them "Pepitas Paprikash." And ohmygoodness are they ever delicious.

Out of curiosity, I googled it without quotes and got this. Not seeing the two words together, though, piqued my curiosity more. So I put quotes around it and got THIS. (Edit: it *used* to say Information No results found... but not anymore!)

Oh HELLS yes!

I mean, I'm not naive. I've been around the pepita block a few times and know people have roasted pumpkin seeds with paprika before. But do you see where I'm going? If anyone else ever thinks to google those two words *without* quotes, they will be directed Right. Here. Think of the fame! The fortune!

Unfortunately, though, not the pictures. I snarfed all of them (uh, the pepitas, not the pictures) before I photographed, and if I make more right now, I'll snarf them, and that would be un-good.

Here, maybe this will tide you over. Not. But I did just say "not."
sources: pepitas, paprika

But now that I'm [maybe...] back on the blog train, I those wedding details I never got around to. And write about all the yummy food I'm making this month while I'm actually not traveling for once. And whine (snarkily and sardonically, of course) about things, because that's what blogs are for.

You with me?


Amy I. said...

I'M WITH YOU!!!!!!

kar said...

That sounds so delicious! Thanks for coming by to say hello! I played viola until a few years ago, but wasn't great... I thought I'd better stick with horn! With whom do you play?

sarah said...

yay for re-starting the blog! and yay for pepitas!! :)

msmeanie said...

Oooh. Love that photo of the pepitas! I love paprika. I'll have to try that the next time I make pepitas..

Stacey said...

Please post your wedding details! I want to use a wood box with lantern for our centerpiece and I'd love to see yours! Thanks :)