Monday, December 15, 2008

The serious part.

And... the ceremony!

I don't know what point this photo is from, but I think those groomsmen have pretty awesome hair. (Not pictured: Vic, whose head is lacking in hair but is very nicely shaped.)

Three phenomenal members of the phenomenal Jupiter Quartet: Meg, Dan, and Liz (l-r). Meg and Dan are married; Meg and Liz are sisters. They are all badasses.

Me with my parents. When I heard my friends start playing the Aria from Bach's Goldberg Variations (what I had picked for my music, even though I played the very same string trio arrangement this summer and wanted to kill myself because it was so hard... some friend I am), I couldn't stop smiling.

Tim: happy........ and perhaps a wee bit nervous?

I like this picture!

Our dear friend Ben read a beautiful Wendell Berry poem entitled "To Tanya" - Berry's wife's name is Tanya, as is Ben's. It's an anniversary and not a wedding poem, but it is so beautiful. Also, Berry's nonfiction writing has always deeply resonated with me - so I was excited that I fell in love with a poem of his. I've put it at the end of this post.

Since I had picked very traditional prelude, processional, and recessional music (I don't think Goldberg Variations specifically is used a lot, but Bach is a pretty popular choice for weddings, and we usually have very nontraditional taste), I surprised Tim with Gabby's and my selection of what she played. (Gabby is one of my closest friends and was a bridesmaid.) He knew she was playing and saw Gyorgy Kurtag's name on the program, but I think he didn't know that the music would be right up his alley: several "miniatures" from a piece called "Signs, Games and Messages." The last one is extremely quiet (Tim loves very, very quiet sounds/music) and translates to "autumn fairy;" while Gabby played it, the wind outside was making the sides of the tent move gently--but not too much to compete with the super-quiet music. It was pretty amazing.

watching Gabby play

We chose to read our ketubah text out loud (alternating paragraphs) rather than have the rabbi read it. Tim got really choked up, so I had to [gently] grab it away from him and finish it. Again, pretty amazing moment. The choked up part, not the grabbing.

We also each broke a glass (in the Jewish tradition, only the groom does it). Er, rather, we tried to. We used light bulbs, which is pretty common, and they were wrapped in cloth napkins. Unfortunately, my shoe had no traction, so my shoe slipped and I didn't break the bulb. Rather than gracefully step aside or try again, I elected to say loudly, "oh, SHIT," only to realize the rabbi was right behind me. Oops. I then took the napkin again and gave the whole package a wussy step, weakly breaking it. But it was already too late. Damn!! Tim is definitely not letting me forget that HE broke the glass and is thus IN CHARGE. ;-)

smooch. (why is Nathan laughing?!)

later, peeps....

...we're gonna go drink some hot cider* in our chamber.

Y'all get to dancing!

*No, really. That's what we did. That is, after I tripped going up the 3 steps during the recessional.

All photos by Laura B. Kozlowski


To Tanya Wendell Berry

Our household for the time made right,
All right around us on the hill
For time and for this time, tonight,
Two kernels folded in one shell,

We're joined in sleep beyond desire
To one another and to time,
Whatever time will take or spare,
Forest, field, house, and hollow room,

All joined to us, to darkness joined,
All barriers down, and we are borne
Darkly, by thoroughfares unsigned
Toward light we come in time to learn,

In faith no better sighted yet
Than when we plighted first by hope,
By vows more solemn than we thought,
Ourselves to this combining sleep

A quarter century ago,
Lives given to each other and
To time, to lives we did not know
Already given, heart and hand.

Would I come to time this way
Again, now that I know, confess
So much, knowing I cannot say
More now than then what will be? Yes.

May 29, 1957
May 29, 1982


Jess said...

Yay new blog! Yay wedding recap! You looked gorgeous and I love the dress!

Also, I hear you on the not feeling up to dealing with wedding things. It was so LIBERATING to unsubscribe from all those wedding blogs, and give away all those wedding magazines. I am soooo done with the wedding thing.

Cate Subrosa said...

Beautiful story, beautifully told :)

PinkG said...

Love the new blog! And I have to say your birdcage veil is stunning! You look so happy!