Saturday, January 3, 2009

The less serious part.

This fortnightly posting thing is making me feel really guilty.

OK, I'm over it. More pictures!

We hired an AWESOME klezmer band to augment the otherwise iPod-only reception. I had been adamant about not spending too much money on live music because groomsman Randy has an incredible collection and offered to make playlists, and honestly I get really annoyed with live bands at weddings because I can never hear myself (or anyone else) speak. The guy in the middle playing tuba, Ryan Zawel, is the leader of the Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble (CUKE!). I started going to rehearsals and playing with them a little bit in the fall, and I realized it would be amazingly fun to have them play during cocktail hour. They got everyone in the mood to party and we started dancing right after Tim and I returned from Yichud (our ceremonial cider-drinking), which really got the reception hopping. It was torturous to hear all the amazing music coming from downstairs while we were sitting up in our room, so I dragged Tim down there before we were supposed to go!

Right when we came down, my dad introduced us (with unchanged names) and gave a toast.

He took the opportunity to make fun of me (that's my glare, in case you couldn't tell).

I LOVE this picture of our friend Gabe LITERALLY SLAPPING HIS KNEE. Apparently my dad is funny! :-)  (I can't remember if I blogged about it, but Gabe and his now-husband, Drew--right next to him in the gray suit--got married in June in Saratoga Springs, NY. One of the most amazing weddings I've ever attended - beautiful, personal, and absolutely incredibly fun.)

This picture of my aunt and grandpa completely encapsulates the scene. My grandpa's giving us his I'm-a-wise-sage look... which is very believable. :-D

This was after my dad mentioned something about Tim's financial responsibility and independence, and hoping it would rub off on me. Tim smirked and whispered something in my ear... like, "wow, I have your dad snowed."

My dad was having issues coordinating the page-turning and the microphone-holding. It was very adorable.

This little munchkin is the adorable daughter, Mila, of our friends Erik and Marie, who got married in Ithaca 5 years ago.

OK, let's dance!

Bridesmaids in motion!

My mom had tried to talk me out of the chair dancing because of my illness, and I was pretty convinced... but Tim had other plans. He knew I'd regret it forever if I didn't get lifted on a chair (he's right), and he made all the necessary arrangements.

Unfortunately, I had decided not to bring our sturdy kitchen chairs because I thought we weren't going to use them... and the only chairs the Fontainebleau had were very light plastic folding chairs. Yikes.

We had one planned toast just before dinner after everyone was seated, and the other right before dessert. Groomsman Ken (who essentially introduced us) sang "Sweet Caroline" at the beginning of his toast - a Red Sox reference. Ken and I are Sox fans, and Tim is unfortunately under the spell of the Evil Empire. He can't help it... he was born into it. But I still hate the Yankees.

Groomsman Vic gave a short (unplanned) toast that seemed totally cryptic to the crowd...

...but Tim and I were cracking up. I guess the funniest thing about it was its randomness. And I *love* this picture!

My two best friends from high school, Melissa and Chrissy. They are hot ladies (and aren't their dresses awesome???).

Melissa gave a sweet and extremely funny toast in which she demonstrated to the crowd just how well she knows me... and my shitty driving record. I have to get started thinking about my toast for her April wedding.

Mila and flower girl Ariel got along famously... it was so cute. And they matched! Ariel was a little difficult that day (I'm going to leave it at that, because I love her and I think she was just overexcited), so her having Mila to play with and take care of was fantastic for her.

Melissa and her older brother Michael (her little bro couldn't escape work).

Gratuitous third shot of Mila (with her mom, Marie), wearing my sunglasses.

My favorite part is next... details!!!


Spitzer Tales said...

These pics are great!! Thanks for sharing!

N said...

Your wedding looks like it was so fun!

Amy said...

LOVE!!! your glare looks so happy, lol. I'd imagined your glare to be much bitchier. i'm home on weds afternoon, you better be around. xoxoxoxoxo


just stumbled across your blog. your bouquet was gorgeous!!!

Sweet T said...

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding... and is that a Wai-Ching dress I spy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your photographer did a great job! Your photos convey a lot of fun and beauty. I bet the klezmer band was a blast!!

(wife.) said...

Thanks SO much, everyone! Very funny, Amy. ***glaring at you with extremely withering and bitchy look***

Sweet T - yes it is! I totally fell in love with her designs when I found her on indiebride.